Thursday, November 5, 2015

Medovnik (honey cake) or sometimes called the Royal cake in Prague....

Blimey, this was a tricky cake.... I've been waiting for a reason/excuse to make this cake since I tasted it almost 10 years ago in Prague.  It's an absolutely unique taste, not to sweet, not too cakey, not too anything... just about a perfect cake - every mouthful is a dream on your tastebuds...

OK, so a friend of mine keeps bees and makes honey and is entering the beekeepers association competition with her honey this weekend in Rathgar.  There is a honey cake section so she suggested I make a honey cake with her honey and we could enter it into the competition.... so as it takes almost 3 days to make... here it is, all ready for it's debut on Saturday.... fingers crossed for it!


  1. Amazing hon...well done you! Would love to taste if any left! xx

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  3. have some in the freezer for you chicks!!!