Wednesday, June 8, 2011

18th Party Cake for a cool nephew

One of my Nephews just turned 18.  He has taught himself the guitar and is REALLY good, so an electric guitar cake was a fitting tribute to him !  Bit fiddly getting the frets, strings, tuners etc sorted but my hubbys guitar was a good guide for the design!  (that and a few strategically placed cocktail sticks holding things in)!!

Owl Tank for a cool baby boy

My new nephew is such a gorgeous baby, so happy and content.  He is also very VERY cute and gorgeous and I wanted to make him something special for his arrival into the world, so this little owl tank top was perfect.

Baby Set for my new Nephew

My new nephew has arrived, and this little set is a very cute knit for a very cute little boy xxx

Christening Cake

This was my best friends' little girls' Christening Cake...
It was a red velvet cake so when they cut it open the inside matched the colour of her name... She is the sweetest girl, so a sweet cake for her big day.