Sunday, September 16, 2012

Helen's 50th Birthday Cake....

My good friend, gym buddy, and cake baker extraordinaire, Jenn, sent me a picture recently of her fabulous "rainbow cake". Fortunately, an opportunity to make this amazing cake presented itself in the form of my sister in laws 50th Birthday... I was ITCHING to try it..... It's a time consuming cake but SO worth the wow factor when you slice it .... take a look and see for yourself.  (The original idea is from an American College Student, whose blog "whisk-kid" has some seriously courageous and inventive cakes) Good on her I say... and also "why didn't I think of that " !!!
 looks innocent enough.....

THANKS JENN for getting me on to this funtastic cake xxxx


  1. looks AMAZING chick, bet it tasted fab too :)... well done you!! xxxx

    1. thx hon. Delighted with how it turned out.